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When I get around to it, I'll do a writeup on some of these places describing why i liked or didn't like them.

Places I've Been that I Liked

Berlin (West), Bern, Bruges, Chester, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dover, Dublin, Edinburgh, Florence, Geneva, Grand Canyon, Heidelberg, Interlaken, Kauai, Lake Tahoe, London, Lubeck (Germany), Lucerne, Luxomburg, Mammoth Mountain (California), Monte Carlo, Munich, Paris, Prague, Rome, Salzburg, San Francisco, Siena, Strasbourg, Santa Fe, Sun Valley (Idaho), Taos (New Mexico), Vienna, York

Places I've Been that I Didn't Like

Amsterdam, Berlin (East), Carson City, Hamburg, Honolulu, Pisa, Reno, Tiajuana, Vaduz (Liechtenstein), Venice

Places I Want to Go To

Australia, Boston, Chicago, New York, North Africa (preferably non-war-zone places) Seattle, Spain Tokyo

Places I Don't Want to Go To