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If you are unable to access any of the programs via the links on this page, please send me mail to let me know. Usually it means the product has been upgraded (and thus the filename has changed) or moved.

Depending on what sort of things you want to do when net-surfing, you will need application programs to support the funcitonality. This page includes links to MPEG viewers, WAV file players, and GIF/JPG/BMP/TGA viewers and converters.

For most(all?) of these packages, the procedure for installing it is to download it to your harddisk (just click on the link to do this), uncompress it, and associate it with a particular file extension in your browser (in Netscape, select Preferences from the Options menu, then choose the Helper Applications applet). If the package has more complicated installation, it will generally have a readme file that tells you what to do.

A site that has a great collection (much more variety than mine) of helper apps for Windows (3.x or 95) is The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software (TUCOWS).

`Nuff said. Here's links to some applications:

Meta-Search Engines

  • ZurfRider - searches many search engines in parallel and presents the results to you in an organized fashion. Very cool.

MPEG Viewers

  • VMPEG1.2 - This is a small fast MPEG viewer which requires WIN32 to run, unless you're running Windows 95 or Windows NT (more info).
  • VMPEG 1.7 - This is a later version of VMPEG that also does MPEG sound and doesn't require WIN32. (more info).
  • Sparkle 2.45 an MPEG viewer for Macintosh, which can also convert MPEGs to Quicktime format (more info). (p.s. another sparkle link)
  • MPEGPlay 2.5 - a version of MPEG play for NeXT machines.
  • MPEG Play for Unix/X-Windows
  • CRS4 (a site in Italy) also has several MPEG apps for Mac, DOS/Windows, Amiga, and X Windows. Some versions include source code.
  • For a great collection of MPEG stuff, check out The MPEG Software Simulation Group

WAV file players

Quicktime Viewers

GIF/JPG/BMP/TGA Viewers & Converters

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