Sonnet #2

'Don't you ever give up (ever give in)?
time is      a 		thing to waste
        such   precious 
for the sake (of love ; the sake) of good taste
or do you think that loving is a sin?'

"Well, who said anything about a loving?
That seems a mountain of you to presume.
You voice alluring patterns on your loom,
but listen to yourself above your weaving.
When you speak of love, you've no conviction.
Can I give my heart without protection?"

'Protect yourself; you claim to be my equal.
My words alone will not convict me, proudly,
but actions do, and yours to me speak loudly.
Without a scene, how can there be a sequel?'

Sonnet #2 is copyright 1995 John Perry. Any rebroadcast or republication is prohibited without my expressed written consent. Write to me with your comments or usage requests

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