Red will be green in days to be seen,
    The mighty and strong will be low.
And all will be fine in that glorious time,
    because I've imagined it so.

Fields of wheat, the smell will be sweet,
    enough food for all things alive.
No sickness or greed, fulfilled every need,
    you'll love it if you can survive.

Rich will be poor in the time after war,
    their currency worthless that day.
No countries or flags, they'll be torn to rags,
    and governments all swept away.

It must be our fate, this utopian state.
    We'll avoid obstacles intervening.
There will be no bottom, superb will be common,
    comparatives will have no meaning.

And there will be love in the heavens above,
    and love on the planets below.
Life will be mellow, and blue will be yellow,
    because I've imagined it so.

Red Will be Green is copyright 1995 John Perry. Any rebroadcast or republication is prohibited without my expressed written consent. Write to me with your comments or usage requests

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