2002 Sequoia/Kings Canyon Hike - Day 2

Twin Lakes to Sugarloaf Valley - 13.4 miles
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Dave's choice of camp site turned out to be really nice. It was a large flat tree-shaded area just far enough from the creek to be legit, but not far enough that it would be an effort to go down and get water. The view of the creek was most excellent, with the trees and the reflection and Sugarloaf Mountain in the background.

SugarloafCreek1.jpg SugarloafCreek2.jpg

After a few minutes rest and setting up camp, we got started cooking dinner and a deer started grazing right next to our camp. I quickly but stealthily went over to get my camera and snapped a couple of pictures as she went by on her way to the stream.

deer1.jpg deer2.jpg

As it turned out, I probably could have stomped my feet and sang the Star Spangled Banner as I went and she wouldn't have run away. She grazed a tightening spiral around our camp site as we prepared & ate dinner. A couple of times I got up to get more pictures.

deer3.jpg deer4.jpg deer5.jpg deer6.jpg deer7.jpg deer8.jpg deer9.jpg deer10.jpg

After dinner & cleanup, I decided I must take a picture of the Toy Story aliens in so scenic a spot.

aliens2.jpg SugarloafCreek3.jpg

Later, as we were climbing into our tents, the doe started mozying up closer into camp, probably hoping we had left some food out (or maybe she just wanted to lick the salt off of our packs :-).

wildlife: deer, fish, squirrels, bugs, birds.

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