2002 Sequoia/Kings Canyon Hike - Day 1

Camp Site at Twin Lakes

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TwinLakesSign.jpg TwinLakesSign2.jpg TwinLakesSign3.jpg

Twin Lakes are two lakes (duh!) situated just below the ridge that includes Mount Silliman and Twin Peaks (it's the double mint campsite!). The larger lake, appropriately named Big Lake, is clear and looked like a great swimming lake.

BigLake1.jpg BigLake2.jpg BigLake3.jpg BigLake4.jpg BigLake5.jpg

Little Lake is more marshy & less accessible, but no less beautiful. We got into camp early enough to explore the scenery a little.

LittleLake1.jpg LittleLake2.jpg LittleLake&TwinPeaks1.jpg LittleLake3.jpg LittleLake4.jpg LittleLake&TwinPeaks2.jpg

Though you can't really see Silliman Pass or Mount Silliman from the Twin Lakes area, Twin Peaks is a stunning landmark. The camp site I chose was situated with great views of Big Lake and Twin Peaks, & I shot several pictures of each from camp.

TwinPeaks1.jpg CampSite1.jpg BigLake6.jpg

BigLake7.jpg Aliens1.jpg trees3.jpg TwinPeaks2.jpg TwinPeaks3.jpg TwinPeaks4.jpg TwinPeaks5.jpg

There was only one other party at Twin Lakes, so it was a fairly peaceful afternoon and evening. Apparently they came to use the bear box which was in our camp site in the early evening, but I was out cold by then. When I woke up once in the middle of the night, the full moon through the trees looked like a promising picture to me, but the result isn't as nice as I'd have liked.


wildlife: bugs, a few fish, birds, squirrels

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