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Disneyland Data

More than 900,000 people have signed the Disneyland Guest Register, located at the Plaza Apartments on Main Street, giving their home towns and addresses.

40% of all Disneyland visitors are from out of state, including visitors from 63 foreign countries.

The Disneyland Band gives 1460 concerts annually in Disneyland...and it's leader, Vesey Walker, has won world-wide acclaim as band leader.

The average cost of a visit to Disneyland is $2.29, which includes admission to the Park, rides, amusements, souveniers, and parking.

Disneyland's 5 Millionth guest was greeted on October 4, 1956, less than 15 months after the Park's Opening Day.

More than 900 Disneylanders representing 106 crafts, trades, and professions are employed in the Park to make the visitors' day more enjoyable.

It takes a crew of more than 200 men -- carpenters, craftsmen, artists, and artisans, painters, and electricians, to keep Disneyland spotless and in perfect operating order at all times.

24 restaurants and refreshment stands in Disneyland are equipped to serve approximately 8000 persons hourly.

Approximately 935,460 hot dogs were consumed by Disneyland guests in the first year after the park was opened.

Airline tickets can be bought from any place in the world direct to Disneyland...five helicopter flights arrive daily at the Disneyland heliport.

Disneyland horses punch time cards. No horse is allowed to work over four hours per day or six days a week, and each is signed "in" and "out" by the timekeeper.

All animals at Disneyland and their quarters are inspected regularly by officers of the SPCA.

On one day in the month of August, 1956, Disneyland's visitors took a total of 25,000 boat trips on the Park's seven Water rides.

Disneyland is so designed that an actual walking distance of 1 ¼ miles takes you through the Park.

72 prancing steeds race around the carrousel in Fantasyland. Ten shields on the spears supporting the covering canopy of the carrousel represent 10 of the founding knights of the Round Table. Among those represented: Sir Launcelot, Galahad, Perceval, Tristan, Gawain and Gareth, Bedevere, Lionel, and Bors.

45 Security Officers are employed on a full-time basis at Disneyland with eight others on call to protect the Park and its guests.

Walt Disney sometimes sits at the throttle of the E.P. Ripley on the Santa Fe & Disneyland RR to take the little train on its trip around the Park.

Approximately 270,000 gallons of water per hour are circulated to create the seven multi-colored waterfalls seen in the Rainbow Caverns in Frontierland. This is at 40 foot head.

Wild life of North America have "discovered" Disneyland. Flocks of wild geese, mallards, and other birds have found Fontierland's River a safe retreat in their pilgrimages south. The birds pause to rest here, and in some cases stay on for several months.

The track footage for the train rides in the park comes to 11,006 feet. This includes the track around the Park for the freight and passenger trains, the Casey, Jr. train ride in Fantasyland, and the Mine train in Frontierland.

The vegetation in Adventureland represents most of the tropical areas of the world. Among the trees in this fascinating wonderland are Gunnera plants, Bod plants, Black stem trees of New Zealand, and a Bo-tree (Ficus Religiosa), a native of India, whose history goes back some 2500 years.


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