Page 19 of 1957 Guide Book

Frontierland's visitors are entertained by a Dixieland band as they watch a keelboat pass by.
Entrance to Frontierland, symbolizing our country's glorious pioneer past.
Sheriff Lucky captures Black Bart, the card shark -- all part of the fun in Frontierland.


EXHIBITS: American Rifle Exhibit.
SHOPS: Pendleton Woolen Mills · Squaw Shop · Leather Shop · Frontier Gun Shop · Mexican Fiesta Village · Trading Post · Bone Carving Shop.
SHOWS: Pepsi-Cola's Golden Horseshoe Revue · Indian Village
REST ROOMS: At Plantation and at entrance to Frontierland.
RESTAURANTS: Aunt Jemima's Pancake House · Frito House -- Mexican Food · New Orleans Barbecue · Oaks Tavern · Orange Juice Stand · Plantation -- Southern Fried Chicken.
TELEPHONES: Left of fort entrance.
RIDES: Mark Twain -- 105 foot sternwheeler, on a historic trip around Tom Sawyer Island · Mule Pack Ride · Stagecoach · Conestoga Wagon Ride · Rainbow Caverns Mine Ride · Freight Train Ridel Western RR Station · Mike Fink's Keelboat Ride · River Raft to Tom Sawyer Island · Indian War Canoes.
ATTRACTIONS: Tom Sawyer Island -- Fishing · Suspension Bridge · Water Wheel · Lookout Hill · Fort Wilderness · Burning Settler's Cabin · Injun Joe's Cave · American Wild Life.


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