Page 15 of 1957 Guide Book

Flying with Dumbo is fun for Disneyland guests of all ages.
Casey Jr. has a bright smile for the passengers he carries on a journey of Fantasyland fun.


RESTAURANTS AND REFRESHMENTS: Pirate Ship -- light meals and snacks · Refreshment stands -- each side of the "land" · Welch's Grape Juice Stand -- adjoining Mickey Mouse Club Theater.
REST ROOMS: On west side of Mickey Mouse Club Theater, and identified "Prince" and "Princess."
RIDES: Storybook Land -- quaint little boats take you on a never to be forgotten journey · Casey Jr. Circus Train -- over and around Storybook Land · Dumbo, the Flying Elephant · King Arthur's Carousel -- 72 prancing steeds · Mad Hatter's Tea Party -- a dizzy whirl · Mr. Toad's Wild Ride -- experience his hilarious adventures · Peter Pan -- over London an into Never Never Land · Skyway Ride -- from Swiss Alpine Lodge over Fantasyland to Tomorrowland and return · Snow White -- relive her adventures.
SHOPS: Merlin's Magic Shop · Mad Hatter's · Art Corner · Toy Shop.
SHOW: Mickey Mouse Club Theater -- thirty minute cartoons running continuously from 11 a.m. until closing.
TELEPHONES: West side of Fantasyland.


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