Page 11 of 1957 Guide Book

Flags of the states line the entrance to Tomorrowland.
Tomorrowland's futuristic clock tells the time anywhere on earth.


EXHIBITS: American Dairy Association -- Future techniques in production and distribution of dairy products · Art Corner · Circarama -- American Motors presents an exciting travel picture on a 360 degree movie screen · Crane Exhibit -- Home and industrial appliances of the future · Kaiser Aluminum Exhibit -- Enter a giant telescope to see the "brightest star in the world of metals" · Monsanto -- Chemistry's part in future living · Monsanto House of the Future · Richfield Diorama -- The story of oil · Dutch Boy Exhibit -- Our future in colors.
REST ROOMS: Along side of exhibit buildings.
RESTAURANTS AND REFRESHMENTS: Space Bar -- Automat type restaurant · Yacht Club -- Self-service restaurant · Dairy Bar -- American Dairy Association Exhibit.
RIDES: Autopia -- Disneyland's car of the future · Astrojet -- Jet-age thrills · Rocket to the Moon, TWA -- Round trip to the moon · Space Station X-1 -- See America from a space station · Skyway Ride -- See Disneyland from the air.
SHOWS: "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" -- actually enter the submarine sets used in making the movie, and watch the giant squid.
PUBLIC TELEPHONES: Located near exhibit buildings.


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