So You Want To Buy the Domain?

Well, you're not the first to want to buy it from me.

I obtained the domain back in 1995 when the web was still just something being messed around with by academics (I was in grad school at the time). Since then it has been my personal domain for communication, scrapbooking, sharing information, promoting my favorite bands, and experimenting with web development techniques. I continue to get both personal value and revenue out of the site.

I regularly get email from people who want to buy the domain. It's obviously a common name and is incorporated in names of companies, counties, and other entities. The thing is, it's obviously worth more to me than it is to any of you. If it wasn't, I would have already sold it.

In case you're curious, the most I've been offered is $40,000, and I didn't even bat an eye in turning it down.

If you really really feel you must have the domain, I would consider selling for an amount that would offer me an equal amount of comfort and satisfaction as the domain provides me. In thinking about this recently, I've come to the conclusion that paying off my house and all of my consumer debt and my secondary loan would be something that would give me a level of peace of mind and satisfaction that would make it worth the sacrifice of the domain. That value currenly hovers around $150,000.

If you seriously want the domain, and are willing to spend in the neighborhood of what it is worth to me, then make me an offer. If you catch me on the right day and the offer is good enough, you just might talk me into it.