Notes on John's Local Band Pictures

The philosophy behind these pages are that you can't get a really good image of what a band is like from a single picture. There are several good sites (notably Mr Hollywood Online) that present a few pictures of some good local bands in concert, but they usually have fairly small images and they rarely have more than one image for a concert. Thus my page aims to present several (or even many) good pictures of local bands in concert, to give you a better feel of what their show looks like.

Of course, you'll have to listen to the band to get the most important aspect of the band, their music, but I also try to provide links to the home page for each band, and also links to where you can (listen to and) buy their CDs, if any. I also occasionally make some comments on the show, pointing out anything unusual about the set or any particularly good images (in my opinion).

I have a web page for each set I've photographed. Each page has a set of thumbmnail images that link to the full sized images, just click on the thumbnail pix you want to see.

To get these pix online as quickly as possible, I usually just dump all the pictures from a new concert onto an (indexed) web page. This first batch are all the shots I took that came out at all, at full size or close to it, and they're usually up the day after the concert. Later (at least a week later), I go back through and crop/resize down to web sized images and get rid of some of the crappy shots. If you're in one of the bands and want to get some of the full sized images from one of the older concerts, just contact me and let me know which gig it's from and the name[s] of the image[s].


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