Concerts from March, 2001

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Yippee! I've finally finished my pictures from the month of February! (okay, so it took me until April 5th, but nobody's perfect. :-)

In case you haven't heard, I've been asked not to shoot any more pictures or video at Spaceland. After the Devics show, one person who was in the audience sent an email to Spaceland complaining about my flash and asking them to let me know that "it's not cool to disrupt the enjoyment of others for one's own obsession." (you say potato, I say potahto, you say obsession, I say hobby, let's call the whole thing off :-).

So when I got to Spaceland tonight with video & digital cameras in hand, JenX stopped me at the door and told me that I couldn't shoot any pictures or video there any more. So if you have a gig coming up at Spaceland and were hopin' to see your mug here the next day, sorry, but I stepped on the wrong toes. Welcome to the Republican administration.

I reiterate - go see these cool videos... DO IT NOW FANBOYS AND FANGIRLS, THEY'RE REALLY COOL!

Enjoy -

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