Concerts from December, 2000

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In case you haven't heard already, my simplenet account is going away January 15. They got bought out by Yahoo, and the account they wanted to move me to had a max of 100 MB of space. Since I have over 3 GB of pictures here, I had to either lose a ton of stuff, relocate it, or go with some other service provider. So I'm taking the latter option... I'm gonna be my own service provider. :-)

Also note that I'm dedicating most of my time to getting the other site set up and transitioning files from here to there, so if I took pictures of your January gig, it'll likely never appear here, but will be loaded to the new site once I have it up and running. Sorry for the delay.

So if you come to your page of pix here in a couple of weeks and it isn't there, check and click on the John's Local Band Pictures link. Wherever I move the pages to, you should be able to find them from there.

Enjoy -

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