Concerts from August, 2001

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Well, I've moved to a new server, so I upgraded the look! The drop-down list of artists was getting too long and un-manageable. I hope the indexes of artists by first letter will be easier to use.

Basically, if you're looking for an artist, click on the first letter of their name above. (e.g. If you want to find Third Grade Teacher, click on "T", & then choose the band from the T index page) For personal names, it's indexed by both first and last names (e.g. "Wendie Colter" is in both the "W" and "C" indexes). To find a particular date, check the Months index. I also have indexes of shows from IPO, Poptopia, Wheat from Chaff, and Third Thursday under the "Misc" index.

Also, I've updated the sponsor links mostly to Amazon (plug, plug, plug, plug). If you buy books or CDs or stuff through Amazon, click through one of the links at the bottom of my pages and help sponsor John's Local Band Pix. :-)

By the way, if you had links to any of my concert pages at or, the links will stay the same. It's just that the domain got moved to a different server by my service provider. Other than the temporary forwarding message at the old IP address, the move should be transparent to you.

Enjoy the pix -

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