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From: jperry@oahu.cs.ucla.edu (John Perry)
Subject: Re: What Isn't Talk Bizarre?
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Date: Mon, 07 Mar 94 22:04:04 GMT

ah921@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (G.M. Lupo) writes:
>Sure, it's easy to say what talk.bizarre is.  But what isn't it? 

talk.bizarre isn't a big fluffy pillow that you can snuggle up to while
you watch the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights.

talk.bizarre isn't that yummy cherry-flavored desert that mother always
used to make when you were a child but doesn't anymore now that she
has Alzheimers.

talk.bizarre isn't a long parade of dancing cutlery that prances and parades
about and draws you into its dance and then slices you to bits (but it
sometimes seems like it is)

talk.bizarre isn't nice little fresly wrapped candies

talk.bizarre isn't a sacrament of the Catholic Church (tm) or any other
religion (including kibology)

talk.bizarre isn't that nice smell that a new car has

talk.bizarre isn't Bill Clinton's primary source of information on how
to fix the country (but it should be)

talk.bizarre isn't that ride at amusement parks where you stand against the
sides of a big round thing that spins around until someone throws up and
it gets all over everyone except you because you were smart enough to 
stand up-spin of them, but then when the ride is over you chow anyway
when the hurl-whiff hits you

talk.bizarre isn't fluffy white clouds in a blue sky, the kind you see
on a sunny day, not on a rainy one

talk.bizarre isn't that odd job that your mom keeps bugging you to do
and then when you eventually try to do it you mess it up and get blisters
on your hand so you end up paying someone to do it anyway

talk.bizarre isn't the original drummer for the Beatles

talk.bizarre isn't a store that carries all the styles of clothing that
you like the most and that are totally cool, but in no size that comes
anywhere near to fitting you but you buy it anyway and it sits in your
closet for several years and then give it away to the Goodwill

talk.bizarre isn't milchig

talk.bizarre isn't fleishig

talk.bizarre isn't treif

talk.bizarre isn't kosher

talk.bizarre isn't a molecular biology lecture given by Xuxa

			John "isn't kibo" Perry "isn't Parry"

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