To Fill A Pail (the "strawberry blonde" revealed)

Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
From: (John Perry)
Subject: The "Strawberry Blonde" revealed
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 94 01:56:04 GMT

In alt.politics.radical-left,alt.activism,talk.politics.misc,general, () writes:

>To Die In War

        To Fill A Pail

>I weep these tears
>For those who die.
>Without control
>These tears, I cry.

        I blow these chunks
	for those who post
	without restraint.
	I toss my toast.

>I see men hurt
>And suffer too.
>Soldiers die,
>And why do you

        I see the rainbow
	stream of spew.
	Your readers ralph,
	and why do you

>Let them die, Lord?
>To die in vain
>They cry for you, Lord
>They pray in pain.

        try to lie, Chris
	to tee dot bee?
        They laugh at you,
        though all can see

>Why do they suffer
>Oh so unjust!
>To die in war,
>They say some must.

	you're not female
        nor strawb'ry blonde.
        You have no h00ters.
	(of which we're fond)

>Some must die
>So others live.
>Oh what a cursed
>Gift to give.

        Some must hurl
	when others write
	such utter drivel
	every night.

>To give one's life
>To country fair
>It's just a game
>Of truth or dare.

        Your putrid stench
	befouls the air,
	much like Madonna's
	"Truth or Dare"

>You dare to live
>You dare to die.
>These tears I weep,
>I know now why.

        You dare to live
	and post some more.
	I find your bait
	to be a bore.

>I weep for war
>Which is unjust.
>To die is wrong-
>They say some must.

	I utter Europe
	at the sink,
	when of your putrid
	posts I think.

>by chris lugo
     AKA The Strawberry Blonde with the perky big h00ters.

     Note the email address.

     Chris, weren't you the one who wrote "Reconciliation", which I
spoofed as "Regurgitation"?


"You can't coat a wolf in chocolate, because a wolf already has its own fur."
						   - 3 Mustaphas 3

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