A message to would be posters to T.B.

Subject:      A message to would be posters to T.B.
Date:         15 Jul 92 20:05:24 GMT

   I borrowed a certain speech from literature (that means books for all
you newbies out there) which, when slightly modified, has some amount
of applicability to this group.  Enjoy:

   Rant and rave, I pray you, as I dictate it to you flowingly off
   your fingers.  Or if you would followup, as I have, I had as CARASSO
   the group crier spoke my lines.  Nor do not followup without checking
   the crosspost line, thus, but use all judiciously.  For in the very
   torrent, tempest, and as I may say whirlwind of your passion, you 
   must aquire and beget an intemperance that may give it crassness.
   O! it offends me to the soul to see a robustious signature-pated poster
   tear a thread to tatters, to very rags.  To split the ears of the newbies
   who for the most part are capable of nothing but inexplicable cascades 
   and flames.  I would have such a fellow whipped for outdoing gooley.
   It out-wavy's Davy, pray you avoid it.  

     Be not too tame neither, but suit the post to the flame, the flame 
   to the post, with this special observance.  That you hold, as 'twere, the 
   mirror up to the newbie;  to show fools their own idiocy, misc.jobbers their
   anal retentiveness, and the very lowest kind of misc.test crossposters their 
   ignorance of the net.  


   Dan Quayle is a Bozoe, doen't you think soe?

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