Re: Matchmaker Service

Subject:      Re: Matchmaker Service
Date:         9 Jul 92 18:01:16 GMT

In, Eric_S_Klien panders:
>I'm about to start a free matching service on Usenet and am trying to
>develop and fast and efficient algorithm.  Can anyone suggest relevant
>algorithms?  Following is a sample question from the service:
>                       SELF                                       DESIRED MATCH
>_ Care About Category   _  Do something romantic every day              _
>                        _  Do something romantic every week             _
>                        _  Do something romantic every month            _
>                            _  Romantic on special occasions                _
>                           _  I married you, what more do you want?        _
>                           _  Find romance distasteful                  _

   I think that it is our DUTY here in t.b to provide this net.cupid with
just the kind of PROVOCATIVE, SOUL-SEARCHING questions he needs for the
survey part of his service.  I'll start:

                       SELF                                       DESIRED MATCH
_ Care About Category   _  Like comfortable loafers                     _ 
                        _  Like shoes that look good, but hurt feet     _ 
                        _  Like shoes that taste good with taco sauce   _ 
			_  Like shoes that leave marks on your back     _
                        _  WE NEVER WEAR SHOES IN BONGO-LAND!!!!!       _
                        _  Find shoes distasteful                       _

John "Reeboks" Perry



   Dan Quayle is a Bozoe, doen't you think soe?

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