New housing community

Subject:      New housing community
Date:         7 Oct 92 19:31:34 GMT

  In the spirit of such fine planned communities as Irvine, Dana Point,
and Rancho Santa Margarita, we would like to announce the development
of a new and exciting planned community.

    Rancho San Guano

Beautiful rolling brown hills, quaint sandy beaches, and happy tanned residents
will characterize this township-to-be.  Employment will be plentiful with the
nearby sewage treatment plant, and the Ronsanto factory.  Send you name and
address for more information to:

   Rancho San Guano Housing Development
   42 Gaviota drive
   Rancho San Guano, California 90392

Or better yet, stop by our model houses when they open next month, and check
it out in person.

			Hope to see you soon,
			John Perry
			President, Chitte' Housing Corporation

P.S.  Watch for coming advertisements of our next planned community venture
      Cabo Los Feces!

    "Reality is a sandwich that I did not order."
			       Zippy the Pinhead (for president)

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