On Love and Mountain Climbing

Subject:      On Love and Mountain Climbing
Date:         7 Jul 92 17:20:01 GMT
Keywords:     wonder, wonder, tell me, tell me, who? HU ROTE THE BOOK?
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   As I look forward to this weekend's climb up Mount Whitney, I'm inclined
to drifting into my favorite analogy for mountain climbing, which is of
course relationships.  You start off in some idyllic spot, perhaps a bit
dizzy from the altitude, full of anticipation and drinking in the beauty
eagerly.  You struggle with the trail and the weight of your load as you
climb to higher and higher plateuas, and the surrounding terrain becomes
more and more visible to you.  Finally, if you are strong or determined 
enough to overcome all of the struggles thrown against you, you attain the
peak, that highest point that you can reach.  The exhilaration is easily
worth the exhaustion you are feeling.  And then you hurl.



   "It's a jungle sometimes I have to wonder how I keep from going under""
		       Grandmaster Flash

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