Top 10 Reasons Loreena Bobbit Should be President

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From: (John Perry)
Subject: Top 10 reasons Loreena Bobbit should be president
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Date: Tue, 25 Jan 94 17:49:12 GMT

10. She could be the first woman president.
9.  Has unique way of dealing with out of line congressmen and senators.
8.  Would have big emotional advantage negotiating with male heads of
    state of foriegn powers.
7.  "First Man Knocks the Pres Around" would make great story for Weekly
    World News or the Star.
6.  If she was acquitted in this trial, she should be able to get away
    with murder in the White House.
5.  If she get's out of line, we could rename it The Red House.
4.  Could include clause in Health Care package to not include 
    severed organ reattatchment.
3.  People would take her seriously when she says she's tough on 
    violent crime offenders.
2.  Better than any candidate the Republicans or Democrats have to offer.
1.  Has shown her self capable of cutting the budget deficit.


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