Re: Kriss Kross'll make ya...

Newsgroups:   talk.bizarre,alt.rap
Subject:      Re: Kriss Kross'll make ya...
Date:         17 Jun 92 21:02:08 GMT (Darin M. Powell) writes:
>In article <> writes:
>>> Jump! Jump!...
>>Mac Dad'll make you
>>Jump Jump
>>Daddy Mac'll make you
>>Jump Jump
>>Kriss Kross'll make you
>>Jump Jump
>   Eazy-E will make you
>   Jump Jump
        MC Ren will make you ...

Floors covered with tacks will make you ....

Having electrodes strapped to your testicles will make you ...

		John <Kriss-Kross this, bzzzzzzzt> Perry


     "?"  me

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