Re: Too many jackets?

Subject:      Re: Too many jackets?
Date:         21 Oct 92 04:01:08 GMT
Summary:      NOT!
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In article <> writes:
>Does anyone think having three tweed jackets is overkill?  Or maybe roadkill?

   Not at all.  I have three tweed jackets (one gray, one greenish brown,
one brown).  I got one in Ireland, one in Scotland, and one here in the US.  
Having three tweed jackets for your dog, on the other hand, is definitely
overkill.  A dog should have at most two tweeds, or one tweed and a tuxedo
jacket.  If the dog is a poodle, it should have no tweed jackets at all, but
should be wrapped in the finest plastic and dropped from the highest bridge
one can find (preferably into oncoming traffic).


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