Re: Ingenious/Famous Hiding Places

Subject:      Re: Ingenious/Famous Hiding Places
Date:         Tue, 14 Jun 94 18:54:58 GMT (Anton Sherwood) writes:
>In article <>,
>DENNIS M. CROCKER <> wrote:
>>Nobody asked, but who are we helping with this line of posts?
>>A potential would be, world class spy?
>Someone whose neighborhood has a lot of burglaries?
>Someone who benefits from smoking the occasional joint, but
>isn't so keen on the government policy of stealing houses?

Salman Rushdie?

Someone with Alzheimer's who's very adventurous?

Someone who lost their car keys?

Someone who's on a diet, but knows his wife is hiding a box
of Ding-Dongs (tm) somewhere in the house?

Someone who's REALLY REALLY desperate to win at hide-and-seek?

Someone who's looking for Jimmy Hoffa?

A talk bizarre reader who wants to know where to hide the pieces of
Lloyd Wood, Andrew Beckwith, and Chevyn McCauley's bodies so they'll
never be found?


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