Drug Warriors

Subject:      Re: USENET is Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit
Date:         Tue, 26 Apr 94 17:33:15 GMT

ceej@genmagic.com (C J Silverio) writes:
$ripr@gear.win.net (Rip Rowan) writes:
$|"Drug Warriors" are a product of the f-ing WoSD and would be as
$|inocuous as liquor store owners or tobacconists were the drugs
$Drug Warriors!  An exciting new line of action figures
$from Mattel!  Collect the whole set!

Heroine - defender of justice with his needle gun

Roach Klip - doesn't defend anything, he's too laid back

Cool Cain - also known as "the Ice Man".

and now, new improved


Pull her string and she says things like

  "Let's go raid a dumpster"

  "I wonder if the mall's open at 4 AM?"

and "Math is hard"

new from Mattel

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