The dog-puppet man

Subject:      The dog-puppet man
Date:         27 Aug 92 03:32:40 GMT

     Last week I went to a blues festival at the Hollywood bowl, and there
was this guy singing hymns and begging on the walkway up to the entrance.
But this was no ordinary beggin' dude.  First of all, he had a dog hand-
puppet, which he articulated as if to indicate to us that the dog was
actually doing the singing.  Second, he was singing out of hymn books, 
but he held them so close to his face that it would be virtually
impossible to focus on them, and then he would switch books mid-hymn,
and just keep on singing.  I sat for a while and listened to him, since I
was waiting for some friends to meet me there.

     After about fifteen minutes, two men came up and started arguing
with the man.  Apparently, one was from the SPCA, and was asking him if
he had a liscence for his dog to perform in public.  The other was an
agent, and was trying to hire the dog, but the dog-puppet man wouldn't
agree to it because he wanted the dog as a solo act.  Eventually, the 
SPCA guy and the agent started bickering and the dog-puppet man slunk
away with his dog-puppet and all his hymnals in tow.

     I'm not sure if he was part of the concert, but I didn't see his name
on the playbill.

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