Re: PRO AND CON: Living in Canada

Subject:      Re: PRO AND CON: Living in Canada
Date:         28 Oct 92 04:18:31 GMT
Keywords:     rot13

gerald (I'm a Canadian, eh) writes:
>pro:                                    con:
>biggest country in the world            Americans get jealous

 biggest country in the world            80% of the surface area is only 
					 useful for making ice cubes

>not only have we ruled hockey for       Americans get jealous
>the last gajillion years, but we
>now own the World Series as well

 More toques per/capita than any other   Americans get jealous
>colorful money                          harder to counterfeit

 Whistler is a world-class ski resort	 have to stop watching hockey
					 to go skiing.

>we can feel safe from enemy attack      West Edmonton Mall has more subma-
>                                        rines than the whole Canadian Navy
 safe from enemy attack . . .            unless we get George Bush pissed
					 at us, or Ross "Paranoid" Perot
					 gets in the white house

>people are moral, honest, friendly      Americans see these as defects

 people are moral, honest, friendly    polar bears outnumber people

 Have a trade surplus with many         not much profit in ice

    "Reality is a sandwich that I did not order."
			       Zippy the Pinhead (for president)

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